Our Products

We always offer our esteemed clients the ability to choose their desired specifications and features for their portable cabin. Therefore, all solutions are available to fit our clients’ needs. Generally, all our units are of high quality and robust structure. They are also perfectly insulated for heat and sound. We provide a very wide variety of products ranging from small portacabin units to full multipurpose 3 floor site offices.

During the agreement phase, most of the features are optional and are up to the clients’ preference and can include the following:

  • Selecting the type of walls and roof for the porta cabin (Insulated sandwich panels, kirby sheets)
  • Selecting the brands of electrical and sanitary fittings to be installed
  • Selecting the flooring to be installed (Carpet, PVC roll, PVC tiles, ceramic tiles etc.)
  • Selecting the type of aluminum windows to be installed (Single glass or double glass)
  • Selecting the type of doors to be installed (Wooden or aluminum or heavy-duty metal)
  • Selecting whether A/C units or fire alarm systems are needed
  • An assortment of materials from all around the world is combined to produce our units. The origin of the materials used in manufacturing the portacabins includes: Belgium, UK, Italy, China, KSA, Kuwait, Egypt and others.
  • Rig site camps

    These are portable cabins (skid mounted) that are popularly installed near oil fields to set up offices or to accommodate employees.

    These structures are flexible in designs to accommodate the varying needs for different rig camps.

    Designed with a robust structure able to endure extreme weather conditions.

  • Dismantling and relocating jobs

    Includes dismantling used units, performing maintenance and adjusting works returning them back into a new condition and relocating them to your preferred destination.

  • Complete prefab unit

    (Size of the unit is usually = 12m x 4m = 48m²) Our most selling unit, includes 2 rooms, 1 kitchen and 1 bathroom.

  • Site offices

    The site offices will be manufactured as per the request of our clients. They can be up to 3 floors high with a total area exceeding 5,000 sqm. These site offices are fully functional buildings which include, but not limited to, engineer offices, meeting rooms, praying rooms, kitchens, toilets etc.

  • Toilet unit

    Can be manufactured into various designs (Male/female toilet units, including all the required sanitary fittings and fixtures i.e. water closets, sinks, urinals, mirrors, exhaust fans etc.)

Other Products

  • Clinic unit
  • Fence works
  • Guard house
  • Kitchen unit
  • Lab unit
  • Labor unit
  • Mosque unit
  • Partition works
  • Prefab unit - School classroom
  • Sleeper unit
  • Smoking room
  • Warehouse unit