About US

About Alya International Trading Co.

Alya International Trading Company was founded in 2010 as a limited liability company. AIT has been established under the guidance and management of Mr. Nabil Ibrahim (Managing Partner) and is known for excellence in manufacturing prefabricated houses.

Continuous improvement and development of our end product is facilitated by many success factors including, but not limited to, using high quality materials, hiring professional personnel and conducting regular research for advancements in the field.

This has elevated AIT to a very competitive position in Kuwait, making us a market leader in manufacturing and delivering high quality prefab units, kirby fences, car shades and steel structure buildings at competitive prices. With the extensive expansion in the Kuwaiti market, the need for dynamic production and quality assurance remains a pivotal focus for our company.

As we continue to develop, innovate and maintain our products, we have delivered more than 10,000 prefab units since our inception and we have manufactured an average of 20,000 sqm per year.

Nabil Ibrahim,

Founder and General Manager

The man behind it all…

Nabil Ibrahim (also known as “Abo Asaad” in the industry) has been in this industry for more than 30 years. He finished his university degree in Damascus and came straight to Kuwait in 1979. The journey to the top of the corporate ladder was driven by his integrity, dedication and flawless reputation until he eventually worked as the general manager of Hala group (formerly known as Brothers Group) which was also in the prefabricated and porta cabin industry. This was his last position as an employee before leaving and founding “AIT”. He started from scratch with “AIT” and led the way by consistent development of the product and the workflow of the company. This was accomplished by many factors including hiring talented employees, providing the best services to the clients and also making the company self-sufficient by importing most of the raw materials from abroad. Therefore, his vast experience in this field is one of a kind and it is currently being passed on to our successful team.

Our Values

Our work values and business ethics are based on three main factors:


We cater to your diverse requirements by listening to your needs and transforming your vision into reality. Additionally, your opinion is of utmost importance which is why we value your feedback and use it as a motive to improve our quality of work.

Honesty and integrity

Honesty and integrity are the foundation of our business success. Since we value our clients significantly, we ensure that we are always clear about all the terms and conditions related to any job performed.

Reliability and credibility

For years, AIT has been ensuring that the products and services offered exceed clients’ expectations. Continuous improvement and development of our company leads us to finding new and improved ways to deliver reliable products at reasonable prices.

Our Objectives

To achieve and maintain the highest market share of the portacabin manufacturing industry as we believe that we have all the needed tools for that objective.

To produce high quality products mainly achieved by our dedicated team of employees and technicians who possess a variety of skills and talents.

To establish and maintain strong relationships with our clients by delivering projects according to their exact needs and performing continuous follow up procedures.